Maitreya Mountain Village



Visitor / Volunteer / Member Application

copy, paste, complete, and email to:
or physically mail to: P.O. Box 246 Gasquet, California 95543
1) Please
attachaphotograph --   (we look forward to our guests and it seems to make them less of a mere application/information -- and more human -- if we have a picture worth a thousand words)

2) Dates and duration
you propose to arrive       ___________________________________

length of stay                   _______________________________

3) Interested in (indicate all that apply to you, please elaborate on your intention,
   and ask any questions about commitments, responsibilities, etc
   We want to know what you're looking for)
Work-trade volunteer short term (minimum two weeks)
Work-trade volunteer longer term
Internship (May 15th to October 15th)
Investor member

4) Personal Information
Full name
Permanent address
Home phone number
Cell Phone number
Email address(es)
Web address(es)

Emergency contact name, phone number, and address
Children('s) names and ages (visiting with you)

5) Do you have a drug, alcohol or tobacco history or a current challenge?  
    We all agree to living above chemical dependencies while we're on this land
    Are you willing and able to transcend, and abstain from, chemical dependencies while you're here?
    Refined white sugar -- tobacco -- alcohol -- cannabis -- other drugs
       (this is the point where those with chemical dependencies are tempted to be less than forthright. 
       Please take a moment to gather courage for transparency here.  It never works out well, otherwise.)
    Will this be a difficult challenge?

6) Have you lived in community previously? If so, what was your experience like?

7) Do you have any health or legal challenges? Please elaborate.

8) Do you have any specific dietary requirements, preferences, aversions or allergies? 
    --Do you have a propensity for sweets?  How often?  Can you go without refined white sugar?
9) Will you be a potent, contributing community member/visitor? Please explain why.
    We want to know what your work habits/ethics are and what your motivations are
    What kind of work schedule is ideal for you?

10) Chemical sensitivities.  Some members and guests can be sensitive to chemicals, including fragranced personal care and cleaning products.  How do you manage your use of chemical/fragranced products? Would you be willing to discontinue use of any products that may affect our residents?

11) EMFs.  Some members and guests can be sensitive to wireless radiation frequencies. When cell phones or other wireless devices are not in use we ask members and guests to please keep their devices on Airplane mode to minimize exposures, especially in common areas. Would you would be comfortable agreeing to this?

12) What skills and experience will you contribute to the community?  What areas do you hope to focus on or learn about during your stay?  We would like to have an idea of what projects you’ll be interested in or adept at. 

13) Please rate your interest and ability in these areas:  1-10 / 1-10
    Hosting guests
    Physical labor (shoveling, building rock walls, moving heavy things, splitting firewood)
    Cooking / food prep and processing (including fermenting, canning, baking etc)
    Cleaning cabins & common areas
    Carpentry / woodworking or other building skills
    Using tools
    Beekeeping, animal care
    Mechanical / electrical / fix-it / troubleshooting stuff

14) What other personally held ideas or beliefs should the community, in order to know you well, seek to understand and/or accept?

15) Do you have regimens to maintain the strength and well being of your physical body?
Yoga?  Stretching?  Other?
-- Do you meditate?
We practice the intelligent management of our body and mind here on the mountain
(it is not mandatory) -- will you want to participate in our daily regimens?
What physical ailments are you currently challenged to heal from?
What mental health challenges have you had or are currently having?

16) Why does MMV appeal to you and what is your ideal scenario for community living?