Maitreya Mountain Village



The Return to Natural Principle

Hordes of people lament over flurries of anxious problems, overwhelmed with their day to day existence. Their relationships never work, jobs remain unsatisfying -- life seems drab, unalive, meaningless.

Underlying so many human problems is western industrial culture's artificial landscape. Individualism and ego rule tyrannically along with corporate manipulation and governmental deceit. Foreign, toxic chemicals throw the human chemistry into quagmire. In this system, we have little chance at contentment, little hope for peace.

It is our belief that the human being is designed to live in nature, with nature, and in accordance with natural principle. We are meant to be in tune with our bodies, and for this to happen we must be attuned to a harmonious surroundings that parallel a harmonious inner environment; clean air, soil and water; healthy buildings; hummingbirds, chipmunks, and chinquapin oak.

And people are meant to live in community, where it takes a village to raise a child or mature as an adult. People are supposed to be heard, intended to contribute, aspire to be respected, loved. People are meant to belong to a village of kindred spirits where living invigorated, natural, healthy lives is the theme.