Maitreya Mountain Village




Providing forage, maintenance, and harvesting

2019 projects we have in mind:

New bath house with wood-fired hot tub construction
Greenhouse construction
Continue clearing for goat pasture
Terrace above root cellar
Burn pile management
Bird houses to construct and install
Plant propagation management
Zodiac Mountaintop Dance Pavilion construction
Plus running a farm and eco-cabin rental operation, selling products at farmers market, learning and growing as individuals and as a community

Creative Potential

There are a lifetime worth of projects here to manifest -- which is one of the things we love about life in the woods

Animal Husbandry

We have chickens and a healthy herd of dairy goats to milk .

Trail Making

We are surrounded on all sides by the Smith Rivers National Forest.  It's a wild and rugged terrain.

Cultivating Soils and plant propagation

Over 60 fruit and nut trees coming into production along with annual gardens and foraging. Farmers market preparations


We are ever in the discovery process for what is in the woods for us to eat.  Updating our Wild Edibles Manual.


Feeding, maintaining and harvesting for honey