Maitreya Mountain Village



Membership Options

6.0 Membership Tiers; Rights and Responsibilities

A     Resident Member
-- A Resident Member maintains an average twenty-five (25) hours of work per week.
-- A Resident Member is assigned their own living quarters on the MMV community property, or designated to build or purchase living quarters there.
-- Resident Members must have lived on the premises and participated in Community activities for 60 days (as a Volunteer Member).  After 60 days, the Executive Board Members vote to approve or disapprove the Resident Member status.  Approval must be unanimous.
-- Resident Members have access to all food that the community grows for their personal nutritional needs, including eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables and mushrooms. 

B     Renting Member
a Renting Member may establish a rental agreement with the MMV Community Association whereby they Rent an existing structure on the premises of MMV community land. Rent will be individualized depending on circumstance of both community and Renter Member, and may be presented with options, which may be subject to change, for a sliding scale of community work hours and rent ratio.         
-- Individual rental agreements for Renter Members will be determined by the Executive Board Members by consensus
-- Renting Members have access to all food that the community grows for their personal nutritional needs, including eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables and mushrooms. 

C  Investor Member
-- An Investor Member contributes a sum of $25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand Dollars) to the MMV Community Association. There are no fees, dues or monetary expenses thereafter.
 -- The Investor Member also invests the time, energy, and or money into constructing their own quarters/cabin/home/permanent structure.
-- The Investor Member receives a Lifetime Lease Agreement and owns the right to occupy and develop their own living structure and surrounding landscape.  The precise location for the structure and surrounding personal landscape on the MMV Community Association premises will be determined and described by the Executive Board Members, by consensus.
-- An Investor Member may, at any time, with Executive Board consensus approval, rent their permanent structure for income.  Fifty percent of the revenue is disbursed to the Investor Member and fifty (50%) percent is distributed into the MMV Community Association’s general funds.
-- The Investor Member has the right to vote at all General Membership Meetings and also at Executive Board Member meetings. Investor Members do NOT have veto power.

 D.  Owner Members.
Owner members are determined by a monetary investment into ownership of the community property and all of its assets including all buildings, structures and infrastructure, materials and tools. 
-- Valuation of the MMV Community Property is determined and agreed to be $600,000
-- Owner Members become an equal owner of the land and assets by purchasing an equal portion of the evaluation of the property and assets ($600,000) (i.e. if one sole owner, second Owner Member pays the sum of $300,000.  If two owner members exist, the third Owner Member pays the sum of $200,000 and this sum is equally remitted to the other owner members, to each $100,000 of their $200,000 payment)
-- Owner Members maintain veto power on all voting processes, be they financial, logistical or otherwise.