Maitreya Mountain Village



Membership -- Our Community is Now Ready for This!

All membership agreements at this stage of Community Development will be individually considered. The person that fits here is usually one who wishes to live off-grid, close to nature, in a wilderness setting, with permaculture principles. The infrastructure to allow this had been created.

We have in mind people living individually (in private cabins) as well as together in our main community structures (Chrysanthemum Lodge and Hygge Hall) sharing work and resources and at least one community meal a day. As this project evolves, we are open to co-creating this lifestyle with potent, contributing members.

Long-Term Member Opportunities
We are open for good people arriving (ideally) to build their own cabins, who may co-create our existing economy (farmers markets eco-cabin rentals, and other endeavors). We have drafted Articles of Association for three tiers of membership and investment; Partnership, Board Members and Resident Members.

We have the capacity for prospective members to build their own cabins at a location of their choice. There's 160 acres of wilderness to choose from and some beautiful, south-facing sites that have a spring-fed water supply. All the tools necessary are here and some materials for building.

We encourage potential members to complete the Membership Application.

Ask questions. Then, when you think it may be a good fit, arrange for a visit; two weeks are recommended. Understanding the objectives and project vision is key.