Maitreya Mountain Village



I realize this agreement standard discourages 90+ percent of the population from staying at MMV
 -- About 90 percent indulge in a daily chemical dependency. (1)
There's some overlap, but when you add in alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and other drug abuses to the last statistic, the statisttics become uncomfortable.  Plus about 80 million people in the USA are "risky substance users," meaning that while not addicted, they "use tobacco, alcohol and other drugs in ways that threaten public health and safety."

If you're interested in healing the earth and saving humanity, first tap into your own self-discipline to heal and save yourself.  Because committing to the practice of non-addiction is a powerful step to personal freedom and lasting vitality, we commit to this agreement at least at one place.
At Maitreya Mountain Village, as a community of conscious human beings, this is an integral part of creating our sacred space.

1.  Villanova University; About Caffeine your paragraph here.

Creating Sacred Space for Health

At Maitreya Mountain Village, we live by agreements.  If we don't have agreements, harmony becomes quite elusive and discord is soon to follow. Otherwise your friend may start playing his tuba at 3:00 in the morning outside your cabin. We have to have -- and honor -- agreements.

One of the agreements we make is to live free from chemical dependency here on the mountain. This doesn't mean that you can never have your favorite chemical stimulant (or depressant) ever again. You can shoot heroin into your eyeballs if you want, as long as its off-property.  Our people can and do go into town for ice cream or a beer every once in a while.