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Dan Schultz
Holistic Health Practitioner and Naturalist

I have been in private chiropractic practice for thirty years, held board positions in numerous associations and non-profit organizations, and have spoken passionately within national forums on the subject of health, personal vitality, and sustainable living.

Currently writing for Community Magazine.  Some of my articles:
True Sustainability: Indigenous Pathways
article at

Off-Grid, and In Community: ’Tis Easier to Find than to Found

The Concrete Thinking of Hobbits

My YouTube channel can be hard to find sometimes, as my controversial perspectives often go against the grain of mainstream and have brought the wrath of YT shadow banning and outright censorship.  A few examples

Two COVID Facts Most People are Missing

Religiosity Statism and COVID

Masks Gitmo and Post COVID Prediction  

How to Adjust Yourself

Curriculum Vitae
Miami University Alumni
Texas Chiropractic College Graduate
Michigan Chiropractic Association Outstanding Achievement Award
Michigan Chiropractic Association Exemplary Service Award
Michigan Chiropractic Association Distinguished Contribution Award
Member and Founder of International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association
1995 World Championship Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon Finisher
Chairman and Founder of Insight Seminars
Board Member World Association for Vaccine Education (WAVE)
Proud parent of two great children

My Brush
with the Law

If you do a little research you may find that I plead guilty to a felony years back. it doesn't mean that I was guilty, but I did plea that.  Yep. I did a three year probation thing and paid an unreasonable fine, over and done with. I learned a lot.  I don't mind talking about it at all and you're welcome to ask me about it if you like. Counterintuitively, I wear it as a badge of honor

While you might conjure up an image of me wringing my hands together scheming and plotting to steal insurance money, my rebuttal would be that it was nothing like that.  I was a major contributor to a lawsuit against blue cross blue shield because they were blatantly discriminating against the chiropractic profession. We won. We didn't win any money but they then had to pay my profession fairly and it probably cost them many millions of dollars. Shortly after they had the FBI, hand in hand with a blue cross blue shield rep, raid my office (and several other of my colleagues), found a billing technicality about me billing for traction -- but not the kind of traction they were approving -- and got it in front of a judge.  When you face the possibility of mandatory sentencing (if you lose, it's bad) 99 percent of everyone pleas. It was the rational choice, although I struggled with fighting it, on principle.  David went against Goliath and David got his ass kicked. A stressful and traumatic part of my life and also a deep learning experience in which I am grateful for.  Resulting from that encounter I have much more faith in myself, and less in our government.  Moving forward.